Auto-Refresh token is disabled

Hi, I did search for this issue here and on the net but I could not find this exact issue.

I am currently manually refreshing my token but I have seen videos on enabling the auto refresh.

My issue is the option is disabled, if I hover over it it shows “Refresh token is not present…” I also do not see the link telling me it is expired or going to expire.

I think maybe it is because I am on the free version, but I don’t see information suggesting this is the case?

Hi @ziggys.

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All users have access to this feature. One thing to note when working with OAuth 2.0 is that some providers do not explicitly return a “refresh token” unless you specify that they should. For example, when working with Google OAuth, Google does not return a refresh token by default. In order to receive a refresh token on authorization from a Google API, you need to add an extra query parameter to your auth URL. The auth URL will look like {{baseURL}}/oauth2/v2/auth?access_type=offline, which includes a query parameter of access_type set to offline. The default state is online, and you need to set it to offline explicitly.

I suspect that you’re having a similar issue. I’ll recommend that you check with your OAuth provider to see if they explicitly include refresh tokens in their authorization response.

Thankyou for the reply Gbadebo

I am testing what you suggested, I dont have an error, but also not seeing anything different.

I will check with the provider aswell

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