How to automatize OAuth2 token RE-negotiation WHENEVER refresh token is expired

Many blog articles or answers found here explain how to configure Postman to :

  • programmatically get OAuth 2 tokens thanks (collection’s) Pre Request Scripts
  • manually get an OAuth 2 token thanks the Authorization tab’s “Get New Access Token” button
  • automatically have a token refreshed, thanks the refresh token coming along with the token fetched while using the “Get New Access Token”

But while using the Postman request’s Authorisation tab feature, what happens whenever the refresh token itself is expired ?

My question:

Whenever I activate the Auto-refresh token option, from one request or collection’s Authorization tab, and the refresh token itself is exhausted, I’d like Postman to automatically trigger the “Get New Access Token” process.

Is it possible to configure it in such a way, or to “add” programmatically this feature ?

I’ve already tried:

Using the auto refresh token option, but our refresh token themself expires pretty fast, and whenever it occurs, I need to once again to clicking on the Get New Access Token button. I’d rather to have Postman doing it automatically for me :slight_smile: