Auto Generated Cookie Header

I have a collection of requests, some new and some old. Sometimes when I add a new request I see the auto generated cookie header (which is what I want) and other times it doesn’t.

What causes this. I want all of my calls/requests to use the auto generated cookie.

Basically in one request I authenticate then I would like each additional request to use that cookie. It worked in the past with out having to do any coding.

So looking a little further. I am receiving a Set-Cookie and value but on the response cookie tab is days nothing.

Testing a little more, localhost calls I get a Set-Cookie AND the cookie tab “sees” it. If I am going up against an http://ipaddress I get a Set-Cookie BUT cookie tab doesn’t “see” it.


Hi there, @mrissmann_gd. I can’t promise this will solve your issue, but I came across similar questions that may provide some guidance? Another user suggested double checking that your environment variables are correct. Here’s the post I saw.

There’s also an open issue on GitHub, where one of Postman’s Developer Advocates, Arlemi, is actively involved. Check out the issue here and his response here.

Thanks, I have narrowed the issue down a little. It works flor http/local host and also https/domain but does not work for http/ipaddress.

Still no solution for http/ipaddress? I see the cookie in the response but it doesn’t indicate there is a cookie.