Response to is missing cookie

I have been watching the “Postman 101” tutorial by Arlemi Turpault recently posted here:

In the video, there’s a GET request to, and it returns a set of headers that includes a cookie:

When I try the exact same request using the Postman app on my Windows 10 system, I am missing the cookie (the rest of the headers are identical).

Why would this be? Thanks.

I am running the very latest version: v7.25.2


OK, when I ran the same GET command a second time, the cookie appeared in the response header set. Could someone shed some light on this? Thanks.


I now believe this to be a bug. On the first request, when there are no existing cookies, the cookie response is not displayed within the Body panel. The Cookies and Headers panels do contain the cookie, however.

So much for this post.

Hi @sabuncu,

Thanks for your patience here. The reason why Arlemi’s response Body shows the Cookie is most likely because a previous request had already most likely been made to the server. I’d recommend reading the following about Cookies:
As it’s very insightful. As mentioned:

An HTTP cookie (web cookie, browser cookie) is a small piece of data that a server sends to the user’s web browser. The browser may store it and send it back with later requests to the same server.

So your first request to the server wouldn’t have a cookie, it gets set by the server after the first request and your subsequent requests would typically include the Cookie ( unless you delete it ).

You can play around with that, for example, deleting the Cookie.

Deleting the Cookie should remove it from the Request Headers, and you will notice that your response body won’t reflect the Cookie ( akin to your first request ).

Before deleting:

Deleting the cookie:

After deleting ( Notice the Cookie header is no longer shown):

You’ll then notice after doing so; your Response Headers will reflect the set-cookie header as previously mentioned. I hope this helps.

I make the very first request (using Postman native client).
There’s no cookie in that request, as expected.
In the response from the server, there should be a cookie.
And there is. It’s just that it is shown in the Cookies and Headers panels, but is not shown in the Body panel. That’s a bug.

FWIW: My overall opinion of Postman is steadily declining. Based on what I have seen here, as well as in the Postman UI, I don’t think that Postman, as a company, is responsive, or even interested in the feedback of its users. For example, in this case, I went out of my way to document the bug, but realized there’s very little interest.

Hey @sabuncu,

This is the Postman Community fourm which is generally home to our lovely users, some of our Postmanauts hang out here too but are we’re also away continually improving other areas of Postman.

For bugs, I would recommend posting them on the official tracker we have on GitHub so that these can be investigated and triaged by the Postman engineers, by doing this, you know that it’s going to be picked up by a member of the team. :rocket:

If you would like to have a chat about any thing else related to Postman or any feedback that you have, feel free to drop me a message and I will try and provide answers where possible :grin: