Authorization for API Key - how?

Noob to API’s and Postman - I’m trying to use the Yelp API. After attaching the appropriate URL after GET in Postman I receive the error in the screenshot. I assume I fix this in the Authorization tab, but it’s not clear what I enter for “Key” and “Value”. I assume “Key” is the authorization key I received from Yelp (is this correct?) but what about “Value”? Many thanks in advance.


By “authorization key” I mean the “API key” I was given from Yelp.

Hey @NathanBurnsDS,

Thank you for posting your question! :trophy:

Are you able to share a screenshot of the Request Headers, please?

I would imagine that the header should look something like this:


You’re right ; I just replaced my token from Yelp with the API key and it worked. Thanks for the simple and swift response, Danny!


You’re very welcome! :+1:

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