AsyncAPI Conf on Tour London - Sept 20

Immerse yourself in the world of asynchronous APIs with Postmanauts Sergio Moya and @lukasz.gornicki at AsyncAPI Conf in London.

Sergio sets the stage for a new era in async communication with AsyncAPI v3, planned for release soon, while Lukasz offers a deep dive into the heart of the AsyncAPI community and invites new collaboration.

AsyncAPI v3: Unleashing the Power of Asynchronous APIs Design by Sergio Moya
AsyncAPI is a specification that helps define APIs for asynchronous communication protocols such as Kafka, MQTT, and AMQP. This talk will explore the next major release of AsyncAPI; version 3.0.0. Planned to be released in the following months, it includes radical changes to the specification, packed all together to enhance the capabilities and the developer experience to a new level.

Everything You Wish To Know About The AsyncAPI Community by Lukasz Gornicki
Delve deep into the heart of the AsyncAPI community, understanding its core essence. Learn the pathways to join, actively engage, and make meaningful contributions. Explore the significance of Ambassadors, the dynamics of the bounty system, and the journey to ascend as a maintainer or TSC member. Grasp the essentiality of your role and why the community eagerly awaits your involvement.

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