AsyncAPI Conf on Tour Madrid, Oct 19, 2023

Join the Postman team at AsyncAPI Conf on Tour Madrid. Discover the transformative power of AsyncAPI v3 with Postman’s lead software engineer, Sergio Moya. Delve into the world of asynchronous APIs, anticipating the game-changing updates that are set to redefine how developers work.

:zap:AsyncAPI v3: Unleashing the Power of Asynchronous APIs Design
Sergio Moya, Lead Software Engineer, Postman
AsyncAPI is a specification that helps define APIs for asynchronous communication protocols such as Kafka, MQTT, and AMQP. This talk will explore the next major release of AsyncAPI; version 3.0.0. Planned to be released in the following months, it includes radical changes to the specification, packed all together to enhance the capabilities and the developer experience to a new level.

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