Apisecure (March 14-15th)

Postman is proud to be sponsoring apisecure, the world’s first and only API security conference that showcases API security solutions and offers opportunities for learning about hacking and defending APIs.

Don’t miss @Rahul and @ianthepostmanaut’s talks on March 15th.

Using Postman to Uncover OWASP Vulnerabilities in Your APIs

Acquire knowledge on identifying vulnerabilities in your APIs through Postman. This session will cover crucial topics such as Broken Function Level Authorization and Broken Object Level Authorization, emphasizing bringing API Security testing closer to developers. You will discover how to create secure and reliable APIs with Postman’s assistance. This workshop is tailored for developers, security professionals, and anyone eager to enhance their comprehension of API security.

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Thanks all for coming to this exciting API security focused event!

In case you missed it,

@Rahul delivered a talk discussing how to identify vulnerabilities in APIs using Postman, and the importance of bringing API security testing closer to developers.

Additionally, @ianthepostmanaut discussed the importance of contract testing in securing your APIs and demonstrated how this can be used to help identify security vulnerabilities.

Whether you’re a developer, security professional, or simply interested in improving your understanding of API security, you don’t want to miss these informative sessions!