Anyone using newman-reporter-confluence

Hi all,

I’ve run newman-reporter-confluence and got output ok.
Now I am using the confluence options specified in

Not so much luck. I can’t find a working example of what I should be putting in:

--reporter-confluence-baseUrl <string>
--reporter-confluence-spaceId <string>
--reporter-confluence-parentId <string>

All the combinations I have tried so far are giving me:
The page you were trying to reach could not be found. This could be because:

  • The page does not exist.
  • \n\t\t
  • The page exists, but you do not have permission to view it.

    I did have authentication issues, seem to be beyond that now.

    Does anyone use this?
    If so can you give me pointers/an example as to what these strings should be?

Hi @murrog

I’ve not used it before but this is now something Im very interested in trying…

Have you read the notes on the GitHub readme? They may help …

Ok, I managed to get this working.
2 things:

  1. The online instructions for authentication are deprecated. This now needs to use a token, so the newman script will include --reporter-confluence-password “{token here}” --reporter-confluence-user “{token here}” --reporter-confluence-username “” - not sure if all those are needed, worked that way. 2. The --reporter-confluence-baseUrl <string> (for me) needed to be in the format: https://{yourserver} /wiki/rest/api.
  2. --reporter-confluence-spaceId <string> has to come from an API call GET to https://{myserver}{Myspace} This brings back “id”: #####,
    “key”: “MYSPACE”, and it was key that worked here, not id.
  3. --reporter-confluence-parentId <string> was what you would expect.
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