Any Text Right Click "Set:Environment variable" Don't work

When I need to change any variable value just select text click right button then click Set:Environment then select variable name. It’s was instant change. but after last update when every variable have 2 value (initial,current) then right click option can’t update variable value.

Hi @mabdsalam12,
We’ve fixed this in our canary release. You can download it from

Just download this and install but not get any improvement about this issue.

@mabdsalam12 Can you confirm that the version of the canary app currently installed is 6.2.2-canary02? You can check the version by opening Settings > About.

I installed canary02 but that that’s not integrate in postman that’s showing Version 6.2.2
win32 10.0.17134 / x64. their don’t have any canary02

@mabdsalam12 Can you open the application that you downloaded (Canary version)? I think you’re still opening the version 6.2.2 app.

is I need to uninstall old postman?
I install this file PostmanCanary-win64-6.2.2-canary02-Setup.exe
but it’s not create any new icon on my desktop or start menu.
I just got this
may be I mistake something but can’t identifying .

@mabdsalam12 The postman canary build actually has a blue icon whereas the stable build has the orange icon.
This screenshot is of a mac desktop but the icons are same for all platforms

You’re still opening the Postman stable build and not the Canary app.
Also, no you don’t need to uninstall the Postman App.

Canary app can run alongside the stable Postman App.

You need to just search for the Postman Canary in your start menu or in the Windows Explorer and run that. I think that’ll solve it for you.

Though I can’t install Canary. But today postman take an update not it’s resolved.

Yes, 6.2.3 addresses this issue. :slight_smile:

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