Any news about the VS Code extension?

In addition to the collection runner limits that has everyone fleeing from, there was also this announcement posted here: Announcing Postman 2023 product and versioning updates…and VS Code extension! | Postman Blog

"Upcoming VS Code extension

We have seen the rise of VS Code as the most popular online editor for web developers. To help these developers be closer to their workflows, we will be releasing a VS Code extension later this year! You can see a preview in action below. To join the waitlist for Postman’s VS Code extension, please click here."

I’ve joined the waitlist, and I haven’t heard anything about this extension. I have given my email address expecting to hear something, but I haven’t. Can someone at Postman please reveal what this extension will do? Will it replace the current editor in the Postman UI? Will it allow users to run requests in a collection? Will it impose the same collection runner limits as the Postman UI? What is this extension, and should I get my hopes up or start packing?

If this link to the postman road map is current it doesn’t look like there is much going on for the VS Code extension at all.

Here is a link to the github discussion

Again, it would be best to hear from someone at Postman for an update

Any news from Postman on this?

This is a feature announced in the Announcing Postman 2023 product and versioning updates…and VS Code extension! | Postman Blog . I have not received any correspondence regarding this even though I signed up, and I see no related plans on postman’s public roadmap. My confidence that Postman will follow through on this is waning. Looking to hear anything from Postman on this one.

Hey @navigation-saganist2

As you’re probably aware, this has now been released and you can install this into your VScode instance.

More information about this can be found on this blog post. :trophy: :rocket:

Please go ahead and install the extension - We’d love to hear your feedback! :heart: