An url works in POSTMAN but not while making HTTP request in PLSQL

I want to use a REST url to pull data from BigFix.
The url works when pasted directly in browser and it works in postman. But not when making HTTP request in PLSQL. Is there a way to figure out the additional parameters required in PLSQL to make it work?

My url is as below with HOSTNAME, USERNAME, PASSWORD being replaced by the real ones.

https://HOSTNAME/webreports?page=EvaluateRelevanceOnly&expr=unique values of (name of it) of bes computers whose (exists name of it AND last report time of it > (now - 1*day))&Username=USERNAME&Password=PASSWORD

This url works fine in the browser and returns results i.e. names of computers reported in the last one day. However, when I use the same from Oracle SQL Developer to get the list- The output HTML coding has below line among otherstuff:

Please enter your username and password to connect to Web Reports.
etc. etc. etc.

My question is: Can I use postman to figure out what I might be missing in my PLSQL HTTP request e.g. some additional parameteres that I may need to pass etc.

I would appreciate any help! Thanks.


Try changing your &s to %26

https://HOSTNAME/webreports?page=EvaluateRelevanceOnly%26expr=unique values of (name of it) of bes computers whose (exists name of it AND last report time of it > (now - 1*day))%26Username=USERNAME%26Password=PASSWORD

Thanks a million Dhyot!
Percent encoding was the key.
However, instead of just changing & to%26, I just copied the encoded url from browser and used it.
It works now :slight_smile:

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