Not able to access data using authentication in postman

My question:

I’m trying to do basic authentication using postman for one rest project. When I give username and password and hit the url, In postman its status is 200 and didn’t show any error but the output like <! DOCTYPE html> some output with html format even if i change to json format same output I’m getting … But if i access the url through browser with same username and password I’m getting the correct required data in json format… Is there any configuration i need to do for this?

Details (like screenshots):

That is showing you the HTML for the login page.

I suspect you’ll get the JSON file after you have successfully authenticated.

Therefore, I’m guessing you have incorrect authorization information. We need to see how you are adding the username\password.

If you post a screenshot of the authorization settings, then we might be able to help you.

Maybe by using a screenshot with any confidential information redacted (rather than a photo).

It’s 200ok as the HTML returned is a valid page. I’m guessing at this point that it hasn’t actually tried to authenticate you as that would normally return a different status code.