Allow team collections to be accessed offline

I have the paid subscription for teams and I would like to have the ability to access the collections while offline is there a way?
We do sometimes work offline and this is a major missing feature for us, usually we copy what we are working on to the local before we go offline and then and copy from local to teams when we are back online.

Hi @joaogl,

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Currently, working offline isn’t supported for Team workspaces but you could edit your collections in Personal Workspace. Also, if you would want to edit the collections present in Team workspace offline - one workaround I can think of is to share the collection from Team to Personal Workspace. So by doing this, it will help you work offline on a collection also sync automatically to Team workspace when you go online.

Refer to this screen-record here for reference.

One thing you will need to be careful about is - if you do not want this collection to be part of Team or Personal workspace anymore: Click on “Remove from Workspace” instead of “Delete” else it will delete the collection from both the workspace right away.

Hope this helps!