Additional Workspace Permissions

As we have started using Postman more and more, we started using the permission system. I’ve run into one snag: The collaborator role for Workspaces is too powerful. After reading some of the blogs about best practices, I’ve created separate workspaces for each service. Each workspace contains the requests for the service and the contract tests for the service. I want my developers to have access to these workspaces for testing or other development purposes, but I don’t want them adding, deleting, or modifying them.

Currently, the only way I see to achieve my goals to create a workspace and share all the Service collections to that workspace.

Maybe I’m implementing things wrong or missing something. I want to give developers access to a Workspace and Viewer access to the collections. The collaborator role for a Workspace ( gives them way too many permissions. My list of not wanted permissions:

  • Adding members
  • Add and remove APIs, collections, and environments
  • Manage integrations
  • Add monitors and mock servers

These sound a lot like the Viewer role in collections. Any help is appreciated.