Ability to set "code snippet" always shown

I would like to suggest the feature of ‘Ability to set code snippet always’ as it would be valuable for troubleshooting to clearly identify which variables are being resolved during test execution

Hey @bvieira080 :wave:

In terms of feature requests, this isn’t the best place to raise them. Messages tend to get lost in amongst other topics :cry:

Could I ask that you raised the feature request here, please. :pray:

Hey @bvieira080 :wave:

This feature request seems to be the one that you’d like to see in the product.

So you closed an active topic again, because you really don’t want people to express themselves,

I’m pretty sure that’s your own definition of “being professional”

It is nothing to be ashamed in this sick work to run for money but it is something else to hide it.

The scratchpad and the logged in version are almost the same (if not the same) app and should work in a very near way (if designed well).

I can believe it is a little work to adapt one flow on the other but you could also have freeze the scratchpad in working state without alter the other branch of your app and continue to enhance it.

Both way, I think you’re lying on your blog, if you want to be professional then start admitting it

The topic was closed because you were posting several unrelated opinion based messages and forcing it to become off topic.

As that looked like it was going to continue to happen, I closed the topic to prevent this.

Closing this as the original topic has been addressed. A feature request for the same issue has been created and this request can be tracked over on Github.