500 Internal Server Error when running collection

i have done this before, we are now using zscaler instead of vpn, not sure if is that or something in file

this is body

    "BPID": "{{BPID}}",
    "DOI": "{{DOI}}",
    "manuscripttitle": "{{TITLE}}",
    "realarticletype": "{{realarticletype}}",
   "publicationdate": "{{publicationdate}}",
    "currency": "{{CURRENCY}}",
    "FULLAPC": "{{FULLAPC}}",
    "amountcharged": "{{amountcharged}}"

and this is file

“BPID”: “3000136419”,
“DOI”: “112345678”,
“CONTRACTID”: 5306264660,
“MANUSCRIPTID”: “12345678”,
“JournalID”: “707E”,
“TITLE”: "any title
“realarticletype”: “EditorialNotes”,
“publicationdate”: “20230103”,
“fullapc”: “2750”,
“amountcharged”: “2750”


i am getting error when running collection with file
500 Internal Server Error

500 status codes are server side, so I would recommend checking the server logs.

It means you are hitting the server, so you have some sort of network connectivity.

You can also check your console log to ensure the body was sent as you expected, that its pulling the data correct from the input file, but usually this would be a different status code. 400 bad request or similar.

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