30 days of Postman - Day 00

Hi, I am starting with 30-days challenge and I have problem with notif request.
After setting key on today’s date like e.g. November 11, 2021 i got failed test result
daily challenge reminder | AssertionError: expected true to be false
Would someone please explain why that happens?

Hey @zyraf, Welcome to the comunity :partying_face:

If you open the test tab in your request, you can see that this test is supposed to fail so that a monitor notification is triggered.

if (progression <= totalChallengesIndex) {
    pm.test("daily challenge reminder", function() {
        // write a failing test to trigger a monitor notification

So this AssertionError is supposed to happen. Do check the postman console as it will guide you to take further steps in the challenge.

Good luck!


@bbahadur Thanks for your warm welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for explanation and advice to use postman console in steps it will be very usefull to understaing how code work. Can’t wait to do next steps.

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what code we have to write here.

Hey @daminimehra :wave:

the line


is a failing test already written, so you don’t have to write any code

yes, I got it!
thanks :slight_smile:

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