DAY 28 UI testing i have two failing tests

Hi @science-cosmologist ! Welcome to the Postman Community.

Can you share a screenshot of the failing tests(in your tests scripts tab), your Postman Console, and the Visualizer tab to help me understand the issue?

This is not enough information for anyone to help you.

Explain the problem in more detail, what have you tried so far? What isn’t working? What steps have you taken to debug this problem?

I would recommend Re-reading the documentation for that Day again and following the steps. There will be something that you haven’t done.

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I have done the test. I just don’t get it That the test is signaling that undefined reading value of Raw and also the reading value if Find.

As it’s failing on the Request added correctly test, have you done that correctly? Is this name of the request correct as per the documentation?

Sending the same screenshot of the test results again doesn’t help here. Share what the Collection and the Request looks like - That’s what it’s failing on. Match the actions that you have taken to the instructions in the documentation.

I added the test to look for the performace of the website using the googlePageSpeedAPI
it passed but i get the error of raw and find when submitting

Is that the only request you have in that folder?

These are the 2 tests that the solution is checking against. If there are not 2 requests it will fail, if the first request isn’t called response time it will fail as it won’t be able to check the rest of the assertions, etc.