30 day challenge error :: Could not complete OAuth 2.0 login. Getting Error: [object Object]

Describe the bug
After setting the data and clicking on “Request Token” Postman shows an error message “Could not complete OAuth 2.0 login. Check Postman Console for more details.”

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • Go to Authorization on a request
  • Select type OAuth 2.0
  • Click “Get New Access Token”
  • Fill in requested information
  • Click on Request Token
  • See error

Can someone please suggest me how to resolve this issue.

Many Thanks

Hey @RajatSharan2505 I faced the same problem. I filled in the “Callback URL” field from the app’s GitHub page and after that everything was ok.


Dear all,
I was confronted to a similar issue also . When the authorization tab is selected inside the Oauth folder , I have the same error Error: [Object Object](I can be generalized to a folder inside a collection). A workaround is to set up the Oauth 2.0 authorization directly in the request which is added to a collection or a folder. For instance, use the same steps in the challenge not on the folder Oauth but directly on the GET github request. It works for me !The same outcome is reached.