250 collection runs per month on Professional?

@arlemi Hello! I am not quite sure, that you aware of teams workflows. As a user of paid version, (not enterprise though), i am using 25+ runs per day, and basically, then i am out of runs. What is the best solution, if i am running them manually?

I’m in the same boat, I was the biggest postman advocate at my company.

Now I have an entirely code first solution using Jest and don’t have to worry about any more rug pulls or existing features being gated.

Going from what would prob be 15-20 paying professional users to 0 by EOY.

Good job guys. :clap:


I started using newman too but ran into an issue with that. I am using collection variables and they are not being passed on from one collection to another. my requirement is that I have to run some pre-tests in multiple environments, collect those variables and run another collection using these pre-set variables from other runs. I am not able to do that in newman. Any suggestions regarding this?

Hi @heamshrij

Say I have request 1 that, in the test tab, picks a nationality randomly from an array… I then ‘set’ the value to an environment variable.

And I want to use this value as a param in request 2. I could do that by calling the environment variable in the second collection.

However, you would also need to use the ‘–export-environment [path]’ option, as without this the ‘initial value’ would remain static. (current value is not shared with postman servers so it would never be able to use that value… to update the initial value you would have to export the environment).

When you run the Newman option to export, the value would be updated each time, see the image below:

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Let me add to the chorus of people that are complaining about the limit of 250 collection runs for a PROFESSIONAL VERSION of Postman. I think that this limit is ridiculously low. I will also start looking at other alternatives unless this is addressed.

Like others have stressed above.

  • I also have tried to champion the use of Postman. I love Postman.
  • I understand that there should be strict limits on free and basic plans.
  • I am just dumbfounded that such a low limit could be set for users paying for a premium version of your product.

I am so disappointed.


I ran into this issue today, I believe it was because my company license renewal happened last week. I am very disappointed by this change and my company pays for more than 200 users. I am already in discussion with my management on this and thinking ways to move away from Postman as we see this as rug pull when API automation suite was built with postman/newman.


We are seriously reconsidering to stop working with postman. It does not make sense for us to have a limit of 250 runners for the whole team. The bigger the team and the more we pay the less runners each person plays. Postman should reconsider this way of working.


Just want to add my comment here as well.

Both 25 and 250 is way too low of a limit. Isn’t this ostensibly a quality of life feature e.g you can either run several requests manually or you can put them in a collection and run them with 1 click of a button?

250 Per team member for the basic version would be like MAYBE a starting point, but putting a limit to running requests locally using your local version of postman doesn’t make sense to me at all.

Basically if your team is of any size at all this limit is basically saying “Don’t use this feature” because as soon as it becomes a part of anyones flow (say of manually testing a specific feature during development), you will quickly blow past 25 or even 250 requests as an individual in a month, nevermind for an entire team.

The pricing is also ridiculous, for how we use postman right now Basic fills most of our needs outside of this, but if we were to upgrade to Pro at our team size to go from 25 to 250 requests it would cost something like $4 per collection run.

Have never had any issues with Postman before but this is quite seriously making me want to look elsewhere.


If anyone needs help with running their collections with newman locally (including writing to a file etc features) or in a docker container, I can help. However, I started migrating my tests to my pytest framework, I suggest you work on such plans as well.

About 3 years ago, I convinced my org to subscribe to the team collaboration plan on Postman, facilitating easy sharing of workspaces and collections across teams, among other benefits. Since then postman has been billing us for 10-12 users annually. And as recently as a month ago a different group within my org joined the team and it increased to 20 members.

We primarily use Postman GUI to build basic API tests and quick data driven tests. We execute them within a Docker container using Newman on our own cloud resources. As a result, the limitations on local collection runs did not significantly affect our existing CI/CD automated testing workflows. It impacts the speed with which we can develop and test them. However, I understand that this may be temporary, considering the direction you intend to take your product.

A single update to the Newman CLI image that we pull from Docker Hub could potentially disrupt our workflows. Therefore, I have decided to halt further development of API tests on Postman. Instead, I will focus on migrating all our existing API tests to our pytest framework and explore other solutions for day-to-day API testing and collaboration.

I removed postman from the budget request for 2024. We will stop paying for my teams users after 2023 subscription expires.


Just want to add to the sentiment, this is terrible and limiting change. I was willing to upgrade to a basic plan as I would be buying it for myself not through work. Even this would not provide me with addition collections runs? That is insane! I’d have to spend £30 just get additional runs and even then its limited, its not feasible. It completely undermines all the hard work that has gone into postman leads me looking for an alternative and not willing to recommend it’s use


im just getting started bringing my company on board with postman for api testing and this change has me rethinking. our scheduled runs run in newman but during development of tests the manual collection run is the only way to do it.

even if i could figure out a (less efficient) workflow to test things via newman, why should i? manual LOCAL collection runs shouldnt have any limit at all because it isnt using postman servers! this behavior by the postman team is extremely anti consumer and completely unacceptable. 25 collection runs is insulting. like actually i feel insulted.

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I don’t know if anyone using an alternative tool has seen this yet, but Thunderclient is restricting its own local collection runs to… you guessed it, 30 per user per month.

That change is coming on September 15th, so you really don’t get much for free nowadays.

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Limiting LOCAL runs is non-sense. 250 runs limit is even bigger non-sense. One does many runs when developing tests. IDEs also don’t limit run/debug actions.

I am fine paying the Professional plan. I am not fine paying the Enterprise plan for the whole team. Total robbery.

We will use workarounds, NOT PAY and migrate to another tool when something sensible appears.

Came here, just to say one thing: Postman was on my “let’s start to find something else” list as soon as features that were open, free, and available without login started to disappear, I think it started ~2 years ago.
**Now, on a new project, I found out you are limiting LOCAL number of collection run. I mean WTF. ** I develop a collection to test fill a database with data, and now I find out that I used all my 30 “free” collection runs like in 2 hours. I mean WTF, this is not cloud. To upgrade I get 250. Wow, just wow. Like someone mentioned, it does not matter if it is 25, 250 or 2500, its basically 0.
The whole ecosystem is now way too unpredictable and risky because of such changes. Whichever bright minded mind, came with this get-rich-quick scheme, thank them. I am done.

So now that the new pricing and packages is out for postman it is pretty obvious, my company will definitely move away from the tool.
Now the enterprise plan does not even include the unlimited collection runs, just the extra package for +49$ so that is 49+49 / user /month.
I don’t know what the sales team was thinking…from my experience 90% of postman users would be satisifed with just the basic plan+ unlimited colection runs, there are very few I know who are using the extra features of the enterprise package. But since the ulimited collection runs add on is only available for the enterprise package, you are forced to go there if you want to stay with postman.
Imho this is totally ridiculous.
We decided to abandon ppostman as soon as our licence expires.
A good looking alternative I found is apidog which has good migration support, much friendlier pricing and unlimited runs even for it’s free tier.

It’s pretty sad to see how the greed of investors destroys a good tool. We really liked to work with postman, but it’s time to move on.

Haha…, what did I say? Sure enough, they deleted the old version from the download