250 collection runs per month on Professional?

@arlemi Hello! I am not quite sure, that you aware of teams workflows. As a user of paid version, (not enterprise though), i am using 25+ runs per day, and basically, then i am out of runs. What is the best solution, if i am running them manually?

I’m in the same boat, I was the biggest postman advocate at my company.

Now I have an entirely code first solution using Jest and don’t have to worry about any more rug pulls or existing features being gated.

Going from what would prob be 15-20 paying professional users to 0 by EOY.

Good job guys. :clap:


I started using newman too but ran into an issue with that. I am using collection variables and they are not being passed on from one collection to another. my requirement is that I have to run some pre-tests in multiple environments, collect those variables and run another collection using these pre-set variables from other runs. I am not able to do that in newman. Any suggestions regarding this?

Hi @heamshrij

Say I have request 1 that, in the test tab, picks a nationality randomly from an array… I then ‘set’ the value to an environment variable.

And I want to use this value as a param in request 2. I could do that by calling the environment variable in the second collection.

However, you would also need to use the ‘–export-environment [path]’ option, as without this the ‘initial value’ would remain static. (current value is not shared with postman servers so it would never be able to use that value… to update the initial value you would have to export the environment).

When you run the Newman option to export, the value would be updated each time, see the image below:

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Let me add to the chorus of people that are complaining about the limit of 250 collection runs for a PROFESSIONAL VERSION of Postman. I think that this limit is ridiculously low. I will also start looking at other alternatives unless this is addressed.

Like others have stressed above.

  • I also have tried to champion the use of Postman. I love Postman.
  • I understand that there should be strict limits on free and basic plans.
  • I am just dumbfounded that such a low limit could be set for users paying for a premium version of your product.

I am so disappointed.