1+ SSL Client Certs, Test Instances and Collections File/Folder Order

postman is just great! Much better then for example UFT API Tests (soo fuckin slow).
However, some features are missing to make it SiCK:

SSL Client Certificate per Test/(linked to variable?)
currently it’s only possible to have one client cert per domain.
it MUST be possible to use more client certs. maybe linked and controlled by a (global/special)variable.
That would be absolut great for automated tests.

…speaking of automated tests:
it would be absolut great to be able to reuse requests. like only use references to the original request inside folders/collections. (parameterized using variables). having a centralized place for all requests.
btw I dont mean to reuse code, as some suggested, which btw. would slow down the workflow (IMO). No! Just simple references, please. Thus makes editing easier. Imagin having tons of copies of a request and you need to change for example the headers in all requests … *(search/replace postmans config/data files is not an option either, possible but way too hacky … we have a very nice UI and its fast! a absolut dream.
… then with using folder (or a set of folder) it would be possible to make/build up something like real “tests”/“test-sets”. a dream! … and automated tests seem to be a possibility. :wink:

… speaking of “tests”/“test-sets”
the order of requests and folders must be a complete user-defined thing. request, folder, request, no matter how you need it. It must be possible.

and to complete the chain
references to folders, making them reuseable, would be a big thing, too. Maybe also with a pre-and-post-scripting possibility (to be able to parameterize them)

… all that together would actually make HP/Microfocus UFT API Tests useless. (UFT is so ugly slow, and thus makes the whole workflow a PURE nightmare)

… and postman … so great! click and done. pure love

and thus who ask why i would have tons of copies of the same request. because api tests are sometimes more then just a single request. a api test can be a complex business process, and thus some requests are also reused often.

would be very nice to see

i’d do it myself. but diggin into it on my own is to time costly. maybe gimme a hind where to start? lol :smiley: