You can now edit Mock Servers in Postman

Starting Postman v7.7.0, you can now edit your existing Mock Servers. You can do this from the Postman app as well as from the web dashboard. You can edit a Mock Server’s name, version tag, environment and toggle its private status.


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Is there a way to edit the response body returned after creating a Mock?
I created one last night and couldn’t see a way to do this.

I know you can create example Response Bodies and delete, edit them that way etc. But I’m talking about the Response Body you supply when you first create the Mock? Hopefully I’m just missing something obvious.


Hi @pfarrell! Thanks for writing in!
If you create a mock server from scratch i.e without an existing collection, you create requests and responses in the mock creation workflow. A corresponding collection is created for you and the mock server runs on top of this collection. You can edit the examples associated with the requests in this collection and this reflects in the mock server.

On the other hand, if you create a mock server on an existing collection, you can directly change the examples in the collection and it is reflected in the mock server.

To summarise, the mock server is always created on top of a collection and whatever changes you make to collection (request, headers, body, response/examples, etc) are automatically reflected in the mock server.
I hope this clarifies your query. Please let us know if you need more info

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Cheers, I’ll try this out tonight :+1:

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