Postman Mock Servers --> Modifying response before returning it to caller

Is it possible to configure a request in Postman so that we can modify the response and then return it back to the caller? I tried searching for results. The closest I got was using Test scripts, but this does not help because it only allows you to modify the β€œsaved” response (which is already sent to the caller). The flow that I am looking for is:

Caller makes request β†’ Postman endpoint hit β†’ Match Response β†’ modify response β†’ Send response back to caller.

Example use case: I have a POST request set up for a mock server. The response body (example) saved for this request is β€œdecrypted”. I am wondering if there is a way to configure this request such that when someone calls the mock endpoint, Postman grabs the saved (decrypted) response body, then runs some commands to encrypt the data and then send it back to the caller.

The above cannot be done using the Test Scripts feature.