Working around Okta pagination and the 200 object limit?

I am trying to use postman to get a list of groups assigned to an Okta app (it probably has over 1000 groups). I have the “Apps (Okta API)” collection, which includes the “List Assigned Groups” operation. When I run that, the response only contains a small number of the actual groups, evidently due to pagination and Okta’s 200 object limit in a response (although the main response has much fewer than 200 objects). Does anyone have any good method to accomplish this, so that I can get a list of all ~1000 groups?

Hello @descent-module-astr1 Welcome to the Community :bouquet:

I believe pagination is based on the API design. If the limit is set to 1000, you can get all of them in one go. If your limit is 200, and the total is 1000 you would need to parse through the response to reach your total.

You will use your starting index and the limit as variables and try hitting the request till it reaches the end of the page. In that way, the tests are also covered for each page responses.