Windows Newman installation: "npm WARN deprecated har-validator"


When installing Newman via CLI I see the following:


Is this a known issue, please?

(Node: v12.13.0,
npm: 6.12.0,
Win 10 Enterprise 64 bit)

It’s kinda telling right there…:joy:

One of the dependencies that Newman uses, is no longer supported. It doesn’t impact how Newman would work for you.

@dannydainton Admittedly, the message is quite clear and I’d expect that a WARN message about a deprecated dependency should not prevent Newman functioning…except that newman -v results in ‘bash: newman: command not found’.

Is this then just an environment variable issue?

Have you exited the terminal since that was installed?

Is node added as part of the PATH system environment variable?

I have no idea about how you installed node to even begin to tell you what the problem might be. :smiley:

Node is added to the system environment variables just fine:


How would that affect newman? Presumably it is newman that can’t be found, not node, no?

It’s more about where your system saves the global node modules that’s the problem here.

Is it only newman that’s not working when you install that as a global module? Have you tried doing a global uninstall and install again? Did you quit the terminal after installing the module and then restarting it again, sometimes that’s not picked up. Does it work in a CMD window and not in the terminal you’re using?

I can basically list out questions all day long but I have no idea about your machine so i’m just guessing and making suggestions :smiley:

OK, thanks, understood.