Where's CONNECT method in postman? I need a dirty beginner guide to quickly familiarize postman

Hi, I’m looking for a kind soul to help me! I am new to postman, I downloaded it because I have to come up with new verification and validation strategy for my company’s mobile app. My 2 questions are:

  1. How do I test a CONNECT method? because postman does not have a CONNECT method, so how do i test my company’s mobile application, as it first needs to connect to our backend server, with a request that contains the version of the phone OS and other details for authentications.
  2. How to use postman to automate a series of API testing for my company’s mobile application, such that it is reusable and can output a comprehensive documentation of the test results? Could any kind soul refer me to a feature of postman, or a relevant article as an entry point for me to start looking?

For point 2 : You can see this


Not sure about the connect method

That request method isn’t available in Postman yet. We do see the use of less-frequent request methods and have planned to schedule something around them in future.