Where do you see your own uid for collection?

I want to integrate Postman with Newman and then submit the requests via command line. From the tutorial I have learned that you need two things for this: 1) a valid API key 2) a unique collection id.

I found where to call / activate / deactivate API Key. But where can I see which ID the specific collection from the Postman account has? Could someone please take screenshots or maybe write step by step, where is the tab with the UID for Collection? That thing with the API key and collection’s uid is somehow really confusing.

So where I can find this part (highlighted in bold): run https://api.getpostman.com/collections/{{collection_uid}}?apikey={{postman-api-key-here}}?

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Send the below GET request to return all your collections.
You’ll get an array of collections,each collection object will contain the following properties:
“Id”, “name”, “owner” and “uid”

Make sure you’re passing in your Postman API Key.


Also, in your request it looks like you’re passing


Thanks! Now I understand this thing with uid.

Just a bit clearer:
GET https://api.getpostman.com/collections?apikey={{postman_api_key}}
(postman_api_key - you can generate here https://web.postman.co/settings/me/api-keys)