Where can I download older versions of Postman?

My team is on 6.7.4, we have chosen not to migrate to the v7.0 framework yet. We have a new member to add to the team, where can the new member download 6.7.4 from?

Hi @Chris_Yeager

The changelog has download links for the current and previous version of Postman for Mac / Windows / Linux. And remember to turn off automatic updates under the Settings.

Since you’re looking for v6.7.4 in particular: https://learning.getpostman.com/docs/postman_pro/managing_postman_pro/migrating_to_v7/#download-latest-postman-v6-app


@joyce it looks like that link now 404s. Is there another place to download v6.7.4?

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Sorry about that - we’ll get that link fixed. In the meantime, can you try this - or fiddle with the URL for your preferred version and OS?


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That worked, thank you.

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It would be great to update the links in app. All the links that tell my team to downgrade(which is also a super poor user experience) go to 404 pages. Also the link you provided was just for osx. How do we actually find these download links if even the app returns 404s? Why release v7 if it doesn’t work with teams?

Also, the changelog page doesn’t let you download any version.


All the links still lead to 404 pages.

This link worked for me. Thank you. :pray:

I have the same issue. I need to install v6 and have windows 10. Can’t find the download links.

Hi @miller,

Welcome to the community. :wave:

Release notes for the previous version of Postman for Mac / Windows / Linux are available here: https://www.getpostman.com/downloads/release-notes

To download v6 go to this link: https://learning.getpostman.com/docs/postman-pro/managing-pro/migrating-to-v7/#download-latest-postman-v6-app

Hi I need to download Postman 5.5.3 version for Windows OS 64/32 bits.

The release notes on the Postman official website does not have option to download this version.

Please share the link

Hi @Ajinkya.Kholkute and welcome here. :slight_smile:

Would you mind sharing why you need to revert to a version from that long ago? You should be able to download it following the instructions from @joyce above but I wouldn’t recommend it since you will be missing plenty of new features including some collaboration ones.

Hi @arlemi we need version 5.5.3 for some testing purpose.

The link provided by @joyce is for version 6.7.4 and I need 5.5.3 Windows.

Please share the link

Hi @Ajinkya.Kholkute,

I was told we’re not supporting versions 5.* and prior anymore, therefore you won’t be able to download it for security reasons. The oldest version you can get is the 6.7 linked above.

Can I get postman 7.24 version download link. 7.29.1 is broken to process requests through proxy.


I couldn’t import Swagger 2.0 in Postman 7.30.1 (latest), I got unable to parse error.
I came here and downloaded 7.2.0 using the link https://dl.pstmn.io/download/version/7.2.0/win64
Importing the file there gave me error about missing “info.title” element, I added it to the Swagger json and successfully imported it.
The fixed file can also be imported in latest Postman.

So to the Postman team:

  1. Don’t require “info.title” as it’s optional.
  2. Give better error messages when importing files like in 7.2.0