When dealing with different environments (Dev/QA/Prod), how do we handle the execution in Github Actions or other CI/CD pipelines?

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My question:
Just like Postman allows us to utilize environments, where we can set up Dev, QA, and Prod environments to streamline execution without manually updating URLs each time, how do we achieve similar handling of different environments (Dev/QA/Prod) within Github Actions or other CI/CD pipelines?

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I don’t know about Gihub actions, but you would usually have one “job” for each environment.

With pretty much the same settings, the only difference being the Newman command line having the corresponding environment.json

In our case using Azure DevOps, the environments will contain sensitive data, so they are stored in an Azure Keyvault and are retrieved as one of the first steps in the job pipeline. The environments are not stored in the code repository.

You might also tailor the Newman command line to ignore some folders (for example when running against production).

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