What exactly is an API?

Hello community. I have been away a while but I am back and relearning this wonderful tool. I am sorry if this is a stupid question but, in the context of using Postman as a tool to test API’s, can you please tell me, for clarity purposes, what exactly is an API?

I am updating this question. I understand that I can generate a demo API in postman. How do I do this?

AI says:

What is an API? An API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of rules and tools that allows different software applications to communicate with each other. APIs define the methods and data formats that applications can use to request and exchange information. There are various types of APIs, but two common ones are:

RESTful APIs: These follow the Representational State Transfer (REST) architectural style. They use standard HTTP methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE) to perform operations on resources. RESTful APIs are stateless and widely used for web services.

GraphQL: GraphQL is a query language for APIs. Unlike REST, which exposes fixed endpoints, GraphQL provides a flexible way to interact with APIs, allowing clients to request only the data they need.

Introduction to Postman: Postman is a powerful tool for working with APIs. It simplifies creating, testing, and managing API requests. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, Postman is essential for anyone working with web services.

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That’s not a stupid question at all…we actually have a wonderful video on that very subject which will answer that question for you:

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