What code should be written in GITLAB to execute my JSON file which is stored in the repository

Hi Team,

I have uploaded my collections in GitLab with the help of the POSTMAN Teams integration plan.
I want to write a code in GitLab (.yaml file) which will help to execute my collections.

Can you help me with writing the code in GITLAB for executing my collections?
Please find the screenshot for reference

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Adding something like this in a pipeline yml file should get that running in gitlab:

    - test

    stage: test
        name: postman/newman
        entrypoint: [""]
        - newman run ./your_dir/your_collection.json

Here’s an example project that I use to demo Newman with Gitlab.

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Hi @dannydainton ,

Thanks for your quick reply. Will try executing it and will post the results over here.
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Jagruti Wani

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