URL and Parameter question

I don’t know the correct terms but I have been tasked with documenting a 3rd party’s API so we can use it internally.

I’m able to get normal end points done using an URL variable and query string parameters

But how do you set it up when part of the path is a variable?

CompanyKey is not a single value but will change each request - so I didn’t think a variable like URL would be appropriate. Its not a query string parameter like CompanyLocationKey.

I’ve seen this pattern in other APIs but haven’t used Postman to document them so not sure how to set them up. Any suggestions?

Hi @bbrazeauAP,

I think I know what you’re asking for, but I’m not 100% sure.

I know you can do something with path parameter variables by doing “:var”

For example


That above will allow you to set a path parameter in your postman request. I believe I should then reflect in the documentation.

Hope this helps.


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Perfect! That added a Path Parameter section which is what I needed. Thanks for the help!

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Glad I can help out :blush:

Hi there,

This is something I’m trying to achieve as well …

How did you set up a path parameter on postman ?

Hey @amygupta7

If you add {{url}}/company/:CompanyKey into the URL field, you should see the Path Variables section.