Went Pro - Best way to transfer an entire workspace to a new account?

I have a workspace with many collections that have over a total of 500 requests. Some of these collections are forks of other collections. At this time I have been unable to determine a way to move a collection or the entire workspace over to my new Pro account’s Team Workspace without losing this fork link.

I see no way to export, import, transfer or merge a workspace from one account to another. I have only figured out how to export and import the collections, which does not maintain the fork link. Thanks for any help.

Hey @sigmago and welcome here!

Exporting workspaces with for links isn’t possible at the moment. You can submit a feature request opening an issue on that repository if you’d like :slight_smile:

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so this was a year ago and the notion of no migration path to the paid-for version is a worry.
Why would you have friction to cash?
When your project is up against tight dead lines, the last thing you want is to ‘write it all again’ .
Is there a post to say this has been resolved now?
Im looking to see if Postman is a good choice to use in my CI/CD pipeline and the evidence is slim :frowning:

Hey @dougthompson

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As you have pointed out, this post is over a year old and things have changed a lot. :smile:

What is the current problem that you’re facing, in your context?

By expanding on what’s happening for you right now, hopefully, we can reach a solution or at least point you in the right direction to one. :trophy:

I agree this is a problem. For Postman to expand its footprint into different lines of business, usually a team has to test the software with free licenses.

After setting up a workspace and members creating forks (environment files with their own settings), I cannot find a way to migrate the entire workspace to a different account with paid licenses. I understand most of the content can be transferred via importing a Github repo but it will not take care of forks. Having an easy way to do this would reduce friction from fee to paid licensing.

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Everyone brings up really good points. Free licenses are a great way to trial Postman to see if it fits your needs. Being able to seamlessly migrate your projects is important and it would feel frustrating to have to start all over.

I’ve created a feature request on Github so we can keep track of it here :slight_smile:

If you are only after a bulk Collection and Environment export, there is an Export Data option in Settings > Data.

This takes you to a browser page where you request all collections and environments for your account to be downloaded, which seems to kick off a batch process on Postman Cloud.

You get an email when the download is ready (or you can refresh / return to the export page until the download is ready), the export page will then have a download button, click this and you get a zip file containing the content.

The same Settings > Data tab has an Import option to import the individual .json files (once you unzip the exported file). Handy hint: once you click ‘Choose files’, go to the search option and search for .json, you can then select all the collection & environment files in one hit.