Welcome to the new Postman Community site!

Welcome to the new Postman Community site! I am Abhinav, the founder, CEO and the original creator of Postman. Postman is now built by an amazing team spread across two offices - Bangalore and San Francisco.

Postman has grown like crazy in a very short time with more than 4 million users across the globe. We realized that there is a huge community out there that will benefit from interacting with each other - both offline and online.

We believe there are many Postman enthusiasts out there who want to share their knowledge and help others. With this forum, we want to encourage connections between community members. We want conversation to flow freely while also being structured so that nobody gets lost.

We have been using Slack for managing this but unfortunately it doesn’t scale well. While Slack is great for internal team collaboration - we are paying customers - it is not designed for communities. Messaging gets quickly lost in a real-time stream. There is no context for discussions. We saw questions were left unanswered or asked over and over again. We were losing the collective knowledge of the community. I remember using forums much before Facebook and Twitter evolved. It was a lot of fun and I built some really amazing relationships - some of which last to this day. I hope that this helps you build some too.

Getting started here is super easy thanks to the integration with your Postman account. You can sign in with your Postman account on the top right instead of waiting for a Slack invite.

Excited? We are looking forward to building this together with you.


It would be helpful if this community was linked to your website. Now when you click community you get a bunch of random cards with blog articles.

Yep. Agreed. We are changing all inbound links from other places to this site. We’ll also have deeper integration with the Postman app.