Web Api Service endpoint call is not listening on the response


I’m invoking a .Net Web API endpoint from Postman and this endpoint runs for more than an hour to complete. Once the endpoint has completed processing and the response is sent back to Postman (source from which the endpoint is invoked) , however, the response is not being captured by Postman. As shown in the attachment the postman window still shows the endpoint processing is still in progress, long after the endpoint execution is complete.
Also, if I invoke the endpoint from a browser then the response is being captured and displayed. Can you please let me know why am i seeing this behavior? is there a setting I need to update to capture the response in postman. Also, on some days due to less volume of records, the processing may be complete in 15-20 mins and on those days the response is being captured by Postman. It feels like may be after 60 mins or so the connection is being lost when the endpoint is called from postman but I’m not sure.

Please let me know if you need any additional details.

Thank you!Capture