Visualizing COVID-19 data with amCharts

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We’ve been hard at work building our Rich Data Services COVID-19 project and are excited to finally be releasing it to the public and to have our API included in the Postman COVID-19 API Resource Center. The API includes a free-to-use and always-expanding catalog of curated COVID-19 data and metadata that’s all set up to use with the Postman collection. (Docs are here, or run it with the button below.)

Run in Postman

The API has a lot of great features for querying and packaging data, but maybe the coolest thing of interest to the Postman community is the ease of integration with charting libraries, so you can create visualizations quickly and easily.

In this collection, we’ve focused on using amCharts, but RDS also supports Plotly and Google Charts if that’s your thing. By specifying one of these libraries in the request, the API returns the data in a format that’s directly consumable by the library, so you don’t have to worry about manipulating the response.

We’ve included some visualization examples from the collection below, but the amCharts library is vast and there is a lot of COVID data out there, and we would love to see any creations the Postman community comes up with using the API. You can tweet us at @mtnaus. Cheers!

Create a bar chart comparing positive and total covid tests by state:

Create a line chart comparing covid cases between countries:


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