Request for Community Contributions: Create a Postman Collection for the COVID-19 API Resource Center

We’re receiving some great API submissions to the COVID-19 API Resource Center. Next, we need some help creating Postman Collections for those APIs and publishing those collections as a template. Interested in participating? Check out the open tasks in GitHub.

About the API Resource Center: We’ve created a list of pandemic-related API collections in order to get quick, easy access to real-time data get those on the front lines of the COVID-19 fight –that’s what APIs (and API developers) do best.

Other ways to contribute: If you have an API you’d like to add to the list or a pandemic project you’d like deployed as an API, we’d love your contributions. You can submit by either emailing us at or by submitting an issue on GitHub.

As a thank you for participating in this community effort, we’ll send you some Postman swag.

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