Visual Studio Code Sign In Postman

i cant sign in on my postman in visual studio code extension

Error Unexpected error happened while signing you in. Please try again.

and i check a log is :

(2024-01-26T09:11:23.229Z) [error] [extension] axios error

(2024-01-26T09:11:23.237Z) [error] [extension] Something went wrong while validating product version: true

Please help

Hey @lunar-module-meteor7 :wave:

Welcome to the Postman Community! :postman:

Do you have any screenshots of what youโ€™re seeing in vscode when signing into the extension?

Is this the latest version of the extension?

Hey @lunar-module-meteor7

Iโ€™ve downloaded the file (This platform doesnโ€™t support all video types) and shared that internally with the team, that was very helpful to see that flow. They are going to look into that issue.

I will update this thread with any information that I have to share.

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