View entire request url?


Where can I see the entire Postman GET or POST request URL in one string? I can’t seem to locate it anywhere in the UI!

I’m looking for:

I can easily see the Key Value pairs when I click Body, but I want to see the entire URL that is being sent out. Where is this in Postman?

Thank you

If you are looking to see what your single call looks like, including the full URL and any parameters. You could use the Code button on the request builder tab.
Then you can select the language you prefer to see the call in, for example, cURL.

Hopefully this is what you are looking for.

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Thanks for taking the time to respond. This is almost what i’m looking for but I’d really like all the URL encoding (%2F, etc.) shown. Maybe this is in there and I just can’t “see” it.

For example:

  • What does the “-H” and “-F” refer to?
  • Are these the encodings?

@seadude If you need full URL encoding you could use something like this -
Also I am sure there are some JS Libs that you could import that would do this for you as part of the calls.

As for the “-H”: That would be a header field. The “-F” (uppercase) would represent a form field such as username or password. If it was “-f” (lowercase) then it would represent fail silently (no output at all) on server errors.

@seadude You can simply open the Postman Console (View > Postman Console) and see every URL that’s being hit along with the params etc.
Just open the Postman Console and send the request.


@seadude Also just noticed this and thought it might be of interest to you -

Thanks @tmccann. I added a comment to this GH Issue.