Variables: Global request body with environment variables within - possible?


I’m trying to use a global variable that represents my ‘standard’ request. Then, depending on what I would like to test, I have environment level variables that change certain values in the global request body, e.g.

global variable: requestBody
environment variable: maleGender: male

“header”: {

“payload”: {

"applicants": [
    "definition": "First Applicant",
    "title": "Mr",
    "forenames": "John",
    "surname": "Doe",
    "gender": "{{maleGender}}",

The idea being that the global requestBody will be static across all of my tests, but I can change certain values at execution time using the environment variables. In the example above I want to replace the gender, obviously.

Could someone please suggest if I’m doing this correctly or if there is a better way to do so? I need to have a single request re-used across tens of tests, but be able to replace certain values unique to the tests.

Thanks in advance.