Modify globals when i want send my request


I want create an url with two variables.
Variable 1 : environment
Variable 2 : version
example :

I have a lot of version but 3 environments. When i check one environment I can change version to compare. But at the moment, i create for each environment/version i need on environment in manage environment (it’s to much and not easy use) .
Is it possible to put my version directly to start run test?

(sorry, i don’t pratice english everday, so i hope that you understand my problem. And i want progess in english without use translator…)

Hi Tester_TESLA,
So just to be clear you want to create a request that has 2 variables in the URL, environment and the version.
So the request would look something like:

where the variables are named "environment and “myversion” and contained between curly brackets {}