Variable data type get change while importing yaml file

Hi All,
I have Yaml file and while importing in postman to create Json collection. I have noticed that it’s automatically changing datatype of variables/Properties based on response present in Yaml file. I have to manually need to make changes back to use collection in custom connector.
Anyone have any idea why this is happening?

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Could you provide more visual example of the issue your facing, please?

While importing the file, were any of the additional settings changed?

Hi @danny-dainton
I have added visual example of the issue for more information for your reference.

  1. In first picture you can see principalSum is of type number and format decimal.
  2. In second pic postman taking principalSum datatype based on response example present in this it’s integer value.
  3. third after importing in powerplatform it’s showing type integer and format int32. Manually I am changing back to number and decimal format.


Coming back to your question while importing file, I am not changing any additional setting.

Thanks, in advance!

Sounds like this is because you are mixing data types. Decimal vs Integer.

I think there are import options that allow you do dictate whether the import takes the example or the specification.

Sounds like the import is defaulting to the example.

If you want this to be a decimal, why isn’t your example an actual decimal?