Data type of query parameters not shown?

When I import an API collection using JSON files, I don’t see the data type of query parameters.

If you see the images above, you can see the data type of path variables is shown in value column but for query parameters, it’s empty.

How can I show data type for all the parameters?

Query “string” parameters appear after a question mark (?) in the endpoint.

The key bit here is “string”. They don’t have individual data types.

The question mark followed by the parameters and their values is referred to as the “query string.”

I know Query parameters appear after a question mark in the endpoint. But not all of them are String. I can give you a screenshot of the JSON files from which I imported the collection into Postman and the data types of parameters could be string, integer, boolean, etc.

Pretty sure it doesn’t matter what the data types are in the JSON file that is used for the import.

The full name for these elements are “Query string parameters”.

All http query params are strings.

Even for Query parameters, it shows the data type that is declared in the JSON file. I found my mistake, the default was declared as blank in the JSON file, that’s why it was displaying blank in query parameters.

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