Using multiple Curl codes For the same API?

I am kinda new to this, so forgive me in advance, but I have a few questions.

I hope you guys can answer them, and THANK YOU SO MUCH in advance.

Example: Generated code for cURL

curl --location --request GET ‘WEBSITEHERE/api/validate?access_key=KEYHERE&DATA1=something1&DATA2=something2’

Website, Access_key and DATA2 will always stay the same.

DATA1 will always be different, only part of code that is different and produces a different result.

I have all the different variables for data2 set in CSV format, I can covert it to another if needed or write out each code with each data2 variable

Is it possible to use two Curl codes in the same API or is it possible to upload all the cURL codes to POSTMAN and run it to get the results?

Maybe a better way to ask and simpler is this, When I click on Import on the console and under raw text, how can I separate each cURL code without having to do each one manually to run on either the same API or different ones at the same time??