Import Multiple cURL into Postman

Hi, I’m new to postman, just want to ask is it anyway to import multiple cURL (around 100) into postman. (In 1 time)

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Hey @wkchooi

Thanks for reaching out to the community! :star:

Unfortunately, the import option within the app only allows the requests to be entered one by one.

I’ve not done much searching around to see if some ninja has knocked up a script to convert a bunch of those curl requests into a single collection, I’m going to keep looking though. :slight_smile:

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Hi @dannydainton,

Thanks for your clarify. :smiley:

Will keep looking too.

You could use the curl-to-postman lib in a script:

If you glue all this together you can then create a collection and import that in the app or through Postman’s API

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