Using envVar property in node.js script when using newman as library

My question:
Hi I tried to pass some environment variable via command line to my node.js + newman script. But didn’t get it working, could someone please help me here?

Details (like screenshots):

My run.js as below

const newman = require('newman');
const appName = process.env.NAME;
const fileName= `../collection/${appName}-collection.json`

var options ={
collection: require(`${fileName}`),
envrionment: envrionmnet.get(),
   envVar​: ​[​ 
      {​ ​
         "key"​:​"env"​,​ ​
      {​ ​
         "key"​:​"country"​,​ ​
  ​ ]​
}, function(err,summary){

where I try to pass the variable in the command line:
NAME=abc ENV=qa COUNTRY=us node scr/run.js
but the environment.json seems not to take these two variables