Using envVar property in node.js script when using newman as library

My question:
Hi I tried to pass some environment variable via command line to my node.js + newman script. But didn’t get it working, could someone please help me here?

Details (like screenshots):

My run.js as below

const newman = require('newman');
const appName = process.env.NAME;
const fileName= `../collection/${appName}-collection.json`

var options ={
collection: require(`${fileName}`),
envrionment: envrionmnet.get(),
   envVar​: ​[​ 
      {​ ​
         "key"​:​"env"​,​ ​
      {​ ​
         "key"​:​"country"​,​ ​
  ​ ]​
}, function(err,summary){

where I try to pass the variable in the command line:
NAME=abc ENV=qa COUNTRY=us node scr/run.js
but the environment.json seems not to take these two variables

It appears that you are setting up the envVar array correctly. (I recently just had to figure this out for myself, though I was pulling my arguments out of process.argv[]). I leaned on console.log to verify what I was passing into

I’m running newman 5.3.2