Use value in request resonse with Flows

My question: How to use a value in xml resonse with Flows?

In my scenario I post a request to create an EDI order in the backend. With this response (that is succesfull, I want the field Entry_No in the response to catch and add that in a second request to create the lines of my EDI Order.

So I added a select block after the success from my first request:

Here you can see I actually get a response with a value (in this case 141928)

But when I run the flow, the value from my response stays on 0


I just found out the cause.
When I used the ui to select the field I needed, postman lowercases the first character of elements that contains a ‘:’
With ui selector, the path is:


  • body.soap:Envelope.soap:Body.Create_Result.EDIOrders.Entry_No

While the exact path should be:

  • body.Soap:Envelope.Soap:Body.Create_Result.EDIOrders.Entry_No

After changing that, the flow catches my variable: