Use of arrays when working with Shortcut (formerly Clubhouse) where format as used in documentation isn't acceptable?

First-time user of Postman, FWIW.

I’m attempting to update story labels on Shortcut (formerly Clubhouse) cards. Looking at Shortcut’s documentation, the params need to be an array. The story_public_id is for a story that definitely exists (it’s updated in a previous request).

Shortcut documentation with example:

None of the label params are required.

Using the same formatting as in Shortcut’s documentation, I get the following error:

{"message":"The request included invalid or missing parameters.","errors":{"labels":["not",["sequential?","a-java.lang.String"]]}}

I’ve also tried running the request by changing the value to see if any variations might work, but no dice.

  • with OR without braces AND with brackets AND with “”
  • no braces with brackets AND with “”
  • braces without brackets AND with “”
  • braces and brackets, no “” around ‘description’, “” around ‘testyLabel’
  • braces and brackets with no “” around ‘description’ AND no “” around ‘testyLabel’
  • braces and brackets, no “” around ‘testyLabel’, “” around ‘description’

Also went through the same variations of quotes around values with and without braces and brackets, same result.

I’ve contacted Shortcut support; they said that the request looks correct to them. TIA for any advice!

Isn’t labels party of the request body in the example curl?

Did you manually create that request in Postman or take the example curl and import it?

Yes, that’s the example from Shortcut’s documentation. I did import the curl to test it but that was no use either. The request in Postman in the screenshots above was manually created.

If this is the documentation that you were looking at Shortcut Rest API, V3

Importing the curl example request on the page using the Import > Raw text feature, would then create the request in a new tab for you.

It’s then just a case of changing the payload to suit your needs.

It looks like you were trying to add these as a Query Param rather than in the request body.