Malformed request errors for simple PUT or PUSH requests

So I am very new to postman and just starting to dig into the API for our Rubrik product.

I am connecting to our Rubrik vendor API that is an on-prem solution, and the API has an explorer to understand the command structure. It even allows for filling in of the syntax to send the API request right into the application. It seems to work well, but I was hoping to use Postman to create collections that I can run to do bulk updates to certain functions, like a credential change that needs to update multiple areas in the application.

I am running into a malformed request error on every PUSH or PUT request I send, with a 400 bad syntax, but I am providing the KEY and VALUE information that is indicated right from the vendors API explorer.

Does anyone know from experience of a setting or something that may be causing these malformed requests? I can provide more information if needed.

Hey @deathtrip

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Are you able to provide an example of the vender docs where you can see the params and one of where you’re entering that into Postman?

So have have a discovery since my last post. I had success by going to the BODY section of the request, and pasting in the JSON code, which auto filled the parameters.

What is interesting, is that a KEY that seems to need to be specified in the JSON code, does not translate to a viewable KEY in the params window. This seems to explain why the bad syntax because I was creating a param with a value that apparently wants to be hidden in the JSON code.

See below the pasted in JSON code, then below that the resultant params. See how hostid is defined in the JSON body code, but is missing as a param.


Can you confirm that the endpoint requires those pieces of data in the Query Params or the Request Body?

Those are 2 different things and the endpoint will handle those in different ways. :slight_smile:

If you could link to the documentation for the API that might help clear things up. :smiley: